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Billericay Builder in Essex

Ross Construction covers all aspects of building work such as:


We are able to carryout both small and large brickwork projects.  Our tradesmen have the experience and expertise to deal with many types of property, including older ones.  Our Billericay builder is able to construct intricate building work to a high standard.


It is common for older properties to need re-pointing.  Over the years brick mortar becomes eroded by the English weather.  This causes pores within the mortar to allow water through the bricks, and possibly into your home.  Our builders ensure all pointing is carried out to a very high standard.

Chimney removal:

Chimneys do look nice on some properties, but can be costly to install new flashing and re-point them.  Also chimneys can suck heat from your home.  Our Billericay builder can help remove your chimney in a safe and professional manner.

Building extensions:

We can build various types of extensions ranging from small porches to complete house extensions.

How to contact us for advice or to arrange a visit?

If you require a builder in the Essex area, please contact us.  Our Billericay builder will discuss your needs, plus answer any questions you may have. We can then provide you with a detailed plan and quote for the job.