Drainage installation Billericay Essex | patio installation

Patio and Drainage installation Billericay Essex

We take pride in our patio and drainage installations, especially in our local community, Billericay Essex.

What did the customer want?

  • New patio installations, including clearance of old patio.
  • New sewer and rain water drainage installation.  The old system was made from clay pipes which had cracked over the years.
  • New garden turfing.

How we approached the job?

  • The new drainage installation was constructed from PVC which would replace all the old clay pipes.  The new drainage system included ACO drains, drainage access, lawn turfing drainage and gutter drainage.
  • The lawn drainage installation helps fight against water logging.  It works by using perforated pipe which runs underneath the lawn.  Water from the lawn can enter this pips via tiny holes, therefore removing a majority of the water logging.
  • We recommended and installed natural sandstone patio, laid in a pattern style (patio pack).  Blue slate gravel was added to reduce cost and to create a garden feature.  The customer said he will eventually use this area for a fantastic water feature and potted plants.

basildon-patio-beforebasildon-essex-patio-during basildon-essex-patio-during-foundations-patio basildon-essex-patio-foundations


basildon-patio-side-drain Before-after-basildon-essex Before-After-basildon-patioRoss Construction also provide customers with many other construction and groundwork services.